Michael- Martial arts Instructor

Born in Miami, Florida. Michael grew up your average kid doing what kids do. He began Martial Arts at a young age, engaging in Tae Kwon Do. 

Earning his black belt has taught him to never settle for average and always try to achieve excellence. Always do the best that you can, no matter how hard it might seem. Many people go through life just to get by. Michael  was one of those people, doing just enough to get himself by and to pass with what he needed to do. Becoming a black belt has shown him that no matter how small the task, you should try and achieve excellence. Michael now holds a 1st Degree Black Belt.  As a result of the drive and determination that he has obtain through Martial Arts and his own personal drive.   Martial Arts doesn't just teach you how to kick and punch but extends beyond that and shows us how to be on a path of constant improvement, both inside the dojo and out.  Michael loves teaching our students at Artz in Motion as they are growing and learning the aspects of respect and defend