Miraj- Hip Hop Dance, Choreographer Instructor

With a dance background from New World of Miami and many years of experience under his belt, Miraj has taken hip hop to the next level. Mixing his training with a very technical street vibe, Miraj has managed to incorporate the music industry into his dance world. He does everything from rap and pop choreography in music videos to co-choreography in movies (Stomp the Yard). Miraj is responsible for many of Miami’s artist choreography and working with everyone from Trina, J-Shin, Jaheim and Wyclef. Miraj has taken his skills far beyond the dance studio. You will find Miraj’s work overseas with BMG/SONY’S group The Gift. Miraj is also a signed-recording artist himself and is currently working on a motion picture. You will find Miraj on the Mims CD, who sings: “This is Why I’m Hot”, album in stores.